Data analytics and interpretation plays an important and crucial role in business as it makes the decision making process easier and perfect. Data is the most expensive fuel in the world now. The demand and scope for candidates with knowledge in Data Analysis will be always high as the volume of ‘Data to be processed’ in the world increases rapidly, according to the present scenario.

Data Analysis course focuses on the basic skills required for a business analyst, data analyst, junior data scientist etc. This course is designed for students with no coding backgrounds and who are interested in the analysis field. The analysis is done with zero coding using Excel and Tableau.

While successfully completing this course, the learner will be able to:

     Explain data, its types and relevance in data analysis and Machine Learning.

     Analyse and prepare visualizations using Tableau and Excel

     Prepare dashboards in Excel & Tableau

     Explore and dig insights from dashboards

     Summarize data and create various summarized graphs using pivot tables and pivot charts.